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Cheap (and free) calls via the network

Just sign up your current phone number(s) at and you are set to go.

As soon as the registration is completed, you can dial 18185 before each call and you will profit from the lowest rates around. You will hear the free rate message prior to each call (this service is optional). This ensures you that you are calling via our network and provides you with accurate info about the current rate.

Signing up is free and without any obligations. There are no subscribtion costs, no monthly or minimal fees or any form of prepayment. You can monitor all your calls virtually in realtime via this website. Simply login by using your phone number and your 18185 customer number (which you will find in your subscribtion email).

We accept various popular payment methods. will not send any invoices by post. Instead you can check all your invoices via your personal pages on this website.

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Calling with 18185:

A call from Manchester to Manchester:
Just dial: 18185 0161 1234567

A call from Manchester to London:
Just dial: 18185 020 12345678

A call to an UK mobile phone:
Just dial: 18185 07789 123456

A call from Manchester to Washington USA:
Just dial: 18185 001 2112345678


Why 18185:

Lowest rates around
Easy to use
No obligations
Easy billing through your debit/credit card.


Superb rates, easy to use, and I love the online invoice and realtime call specifications. I think 18185 is a winner!

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FREE rate message

Before each call, you will hear the current rate (optional). This service is free of charge.