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Rates are in pence per minute. Calls are billed per minute rounded to the nearest penny, include VAT and are subject to change. Calls are subject to a 4p connection fee or 5p for calls within the UK. For a printable version, click here .

Calls within the UK:

UK fixed1.7
UK mobiles6
070 Personal25

International rates:

albania (fixed)13
albania (mobile)30
algeria (fixed)9
algeria (mobile)50
andorra (fixed)3
andorra (mobile)10
argentina (fixed)6
argentina (mobile)10
armenia (fixed)14
armenia (mobile)20
australia (fixed)2.5
australia (mobile)8
austria (fixed)1.5
austria (mobile)10
azerbaijan (fixed)4
azerbaijan (mobile)5
bahamas (fixed)10
bahamas (mobile)15
bahrain (fixed & mobile)11
bangladesh (fixed)5
bangladesh (mobile)4
barbados (fixed)15
barbados (mobile)20
belarus (fixed)30
belarus (mobile)35
belgium (fixed)3
belgium (mobile)15
belize (fixed)12
belize (mobile)20
bermuda (fixed & mobile)9
bolivia (fixed)9
bolivia (mobile)13
bosnia-herzegovina (fixed)15
bosnia-herzegovina (mobile)30
botswana (fixed)10
botswana (mobile)20
brazil (fixed)2
brazil (mobile)10
bulgaria (fixed)3
bulgaria (mobile)25
cambodia (fixed)4
cambodia (mobile)5
cameroon (fixed & mobile)4
canada (fixed & mobile)2
cayman islands (fixed)10
cayman islands (mobile)15
chile (fixed)2.5
chile (mobile)15
china (fixed)3
china (mobile)1.5
colombia (fixed & mobile)7
costa rica (fixed & mobile)4
croatia (fixed)5
croatia (mobile)15
cyprus (fixed)2
cyprus (mobile)5
czech republic (fixed)2
czech republic (mobile)12
denmark (fixed)2
denmark (mobile)10
dominican republic (fixed)5
dominican republic (mobile)15
ecuador (fixed)4
ecuador (mobile)10
egypt (fixed & mobile)11
el salvador (fixed & mobile)4
estonia (fixed)2.5
estonia (mobile)18
fiji (fixed)15
fiji (mobile)25
finland (fixed)5
finland (mobile)14
france (fixed)2
france (mobile)8
georgia (fixed)17
georgia (mobile)25
germany (fixed)3
germany (mobile)10
ghana (fixed & mobile)25
gibraltar (fixed)3
gibraltar (mobile)14
greece (fixed)2.5
greece (mobile)10
hong kong (fixed & mobile)3
hungary (fixed)2
hungary (mobile)12
iceland (fixed)4
iceland (mobile)15
india (fixed & mobile)4
indonesia (fixed)2
indonesia (mobile)5
iran (fixed)16
iran (mobile)18
ireland (fixed)2
ireland (mobile)9
ireland [national rate] (fixed)14
israel (fixed)2
israel (mobile)6
italy (fixed)2
italy (mobile)14
jamaica (fixed)16
jamaica (mobile)18
japan (fixed)3
japan (mobile)12
jordan (fixed)14
jordan (mobile)15
kazakhstan (fixed)6
kazakhstan (mobile)12
kenya (fixed)15
kenya (mobile)18
kenya [safaricom] (fixed)18
kuwait (fixed & mobile)6
latvia (fixed)4
latvia (mobile)15
liechtenstein (fixed)7
lithuania (fixed)3
lithuania (mobile)11
luxembourg (fixed)3
luxembourg (mobile)17
macedonia (fixed)13
macedonia (mobile)30
malaysia (fixed)4
malaysia (mobile)5
maldives (fixed)50
maldives (mobile)40
malta (fixed)8
malta (mobile)17
mauritius (fixed & mobile)13
mexico (fixed)3
mexico (mobile)6.5
moldova (fixed & mobile)25
monaco (fixed)6
monaco (mobile)30
mongolia (fixed)3
mongolia (mobile)7
montenegro (fixed)15
montenegro (mobile)30
morocco (fixed)10
morocco (mobile)35
namibia (fixed)6
namibia (mobile)12
nepal (fixed & mobile)20
netherlands (fixed)2.5
netherlands (mobile)13
new zealand (fixed)3
new zealand (mobile)12
norway (fixed)1.5
norway (mobile)12
pakistan (fixed & mobile)13
panama (fixed)2
panama (mobile)5
paraguay (fixed)2
paraguay (mobile)5
peru (fixed)5
peru (mobile)15
philippines (fixed)10
philippines (mobile)13
poland (fixed)2.5
poland (mobile)6
portugal (fixed)2
portugal (mobile)12
portugal madeira and azores (fixed & mobile)2
puerto rico (fixed & mobile)1
romania (fixed)2
romania (mobile)14
russian federation (fixed)3
russian federation (mobile)13
russian federation [beeline] (fixed)13
saudi arabia (fixed)8
saudi arabia (mobile)11
serbia and montenegro (fixed)18
serbia and montenegro (mobile)35
singapore (fixed)3
singapore (mobile)2
slovak republic (fixed)2
slovak republic (mobile)12
slovenia (fixed)4
slovenia (mobile)18
slovenia [ipko] (fixed)18
south africa (fixed)11
south africa (mobile)15
south korea (fixed)3
south korea (mobile)4
spain (fixed)2
spain (mobile)8
sri lanka (fixed)18
sri lanka (mobile)13
sweden (fixed)1.5
sweden (mobile)14
switzerland (fixed)3
switzerland (mobile)30
taiwan (fixed)3
taiwan (mobile)7
thailand (fixed)2.5
thailand (mobile)4
trinidad and tobago (fixed)13
trinidad and tobago (mobile)18
tunisia (fixed)30
tunisia (mobile)50
turkey (fixed)8
turkey (mobile)13
turkey northern cyprus (fixed)8
turkey northern cyprus (mobile)10
uganda (fixed)7
uganda (mobile)30
ukraine (fixed)13
ukraine (mobile)22
united arab emirates (fixed)13
united arab emirates (mobile)14
united states (fixed & mobile)2.5
uruguay (fixed)3
uruguay (mobile)10
uzbekistan (fixed & mobile)10
venezuela (fixed)3
venezuela (mobile)14
zimbabwe (fixed)10

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